About Genuine Naija Property

Who we are & our core values

About Genuine Naija Property

About Genuine Naija Property

Genuine Nigeria property is a Real Estate consulting services platform, designed and developed by DOORSTEP Farms Limited. It is a marketplace where people transact highly trusted and genuine Property business.

We provide topnotch real estate services for our numerous clients globally. We buy and sale properties on behalf of our clients. We deal ONLY with genuine properties that have authentic documents transferable from owners to buyers.

We also partner with construction companies and Real Estate Developers to provide EXQUISITE, SMART, LUXURIOUS and DECENT apartments that are of world-class standard for our clients who deserve maximum comfort including EXPERTRIATES.

We GUARANTEE shelters that make EXPERTRIATES feel at home, providing conducive business environment and maximum security. We also provide exquisite luxury for HOSPITALITY and high-class EVENTS.

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